Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Upcoming articles on this blog

I just wanted to inform you what to expect on this blog in the next days/weeks. I have been experimenting with three main subjects over the last weeks, which I now want starting to present to the world ;-)

JavaScript classes and code distribution

As a preparation for the following two subjects I have implemented JavaScript classes, meaning I have been looking around the web and aggregating method how to create JavaScript structures which behave like classical object oriented classes providing features such as inheritance, polimorphism and the likes. Also I wanted classes to be distributable in multiple files across multiple servers and still be loadable on the fly, in order to increase cross-domain reusability of JavaScript objects.

Interaction between JavaScript and Flash

This became critical when designing the MP3-Player for the music section of this homepage. I wanted a generic way to interact with Macromedia Flash objects via JavaScript guaranteeing a bidirectional communication via remote function calls and distributed event publishing, even across the domain scripting border and across all browsers I use (being Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Netscape and Opera).

Client-sided TagLibs

Developers in touch with J2EE or at least JSP know JSTL (Java Standard TagLib), also know about the power to such a templating language. Now there are mechanisms which allow tag lib type technology on the client using JavaScript. Sound interesting? It certainly is! So stay tuned on this blog!