Friday, December 09, 2016

Voice User Interface - The New UI

It's amazing how quickly the AI topic develops. In the past few months, I have seens so much new stuff emerging.

When I first saw this, I was amazed (happens a lot lately - maybe I am just too easy to motivate ;-). Then I thought: well voice enabled computing isn't new really, I mean all the hotlines do it. So while the Conversion UI basically serves the same purpose as traditional hotline conversation machines, the new thing about  it is really the context based natural language interaction opposed to: request - response that it was in the past.

Goal for user:
Triggering a particular service

Goal for the AI:
Fetching all neccessary parameters from a natural language interaction in order to invoke the service.

Benefits for the User:
Natural language conversation, where the AI considers context (what has been said during the conversation, what environment the user is currently in (etc. location, time). Habits of the user are also taken into account as the history of how the user has been interacting with Google devices and services is tracked.

Benefits for the Developer:
Declarative approach to defining the conversation. It's based on examples rather than fixed rules, that the service can then turn into algorithms using it's AI.