Monday, December 27, 2004

The ABAP Developer´s Guide to Java

This is the first book that I have officially been named as an author. The ABAP Developer´s Guide to Java is a book which aims at SAP ABAP Developers, who want/need to get into Java and J2EE development - as the new SAP technology platform SAP NetWeaver heavily relies on J2EE technology.

The quote from the sales catalog reads as follows:

"You already know the ropes in the world of ABAP programming. Now, how can you utilize those finely tuned skills to speed up your journey on the road toward Java proficiency?

This all-new reference book is an indispensable guide for readers who need a rapid and in-depth introduction to Java. Detailed insights and step-by-step instruction help you leverage ABAP development skills you’ve already honed, for a smooth transition to Java. The authors highlight each fundamental aspect pertaining to the development of business applications in both languages, and the differences as well as similarities are analyzed in detail. This must-have resource helps any serious developer learn exclusive techniques to master development tools and objects, application design, application layers and much more. Learn about Beans, OpenSQL for Java, JDBC, Security, and that’s just for starters. This unique book helps you save countless hours of trial and error and avoid costly mistakes while quickly advancing your essential Java skills."

With this book I have been responsible for the overall project management during the decisive phases. Also I have written a majority of the chapters. In this sense my work with this project has produced parts of chapter 2, 4 and most or all of chapters 5 through 7. Although the book was written mostly in a hurry and besides daily work, I am pretty happy with the result.

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Anonymous said...

Ohwayeah! Congratulations on your publication :)

Sag' an, wenn du einen Roman veröffentlichst, den werde ich wohl eher lesen als SAP net weaver. aber trotzdem cool, mann.

the king