Monday, December 20, 2004

Macromedia Breeze

So I am a huge fan of Macromedia in general. But I particularly like Macromedia Breeze. For about a year now I am fascinated about the various infotainment breeze presentations that are spread around for almost all subject. I think it's a real benefit to enable you visitors to view presentations and have a truely multimedia experience instead of just having them read text.

Now I have requested a trial account for Macromedia Breeze and I must say that I a quite impressed. It's not that you could not accomplish all of you web conferencing using MS NetMeeting but Breeze comes along so much more integrated into the web. Stop worrying about ports, bandwidth and platform. Breeze is launchable through any browser that has a flash-player 4 or higher installed. Integration into the Microsoft Office Suite is also a snap using the power-point plugin to instantly publish Powerpoint Slides (including audio) to your Breeze server. Also with Outlook integration you can directly scedule meetings in your calendar. An additional feature I like very much is the recording of meeting (either particially or completely) to enable people who could not participate in a meeting access at their convenience.

Breeze is probably best suited for small to medium size teams. But altough I doubt that it's currently effective for broader audience interaction (broadcasting works great as shown multiply on, I would not know a better tool for realtime collaboration.