Monday, December 20, 2004

Macromedia "On Demand"

Anyone who has been to Macromedia's website in the past year or so must have stumbled over the omipresent Breeze Presentations. Those nice pieces of multimedia, Macromedia uses to provide/broadcast product information in the sense of infotainment. Although I know it's basically advertising I frequently catch myself watching those nice presentations over and over again. Ok, I am a huge fan of Macromedia in general but in my opinion Breeze Presentations are a great alternative to just reading text, especially since audio and video a frequently embedded in those presentations.

As I am a developer (or at least I call myself one) Breeze online tutorials are currently one of the favorite things to watch on the web. You get a little inside/general overview of the products and how to work with them and although it's obviously just advertising, you "just need to stay". It's kinda addictive. At least for me.

Now all those tutorials - called modules - are centrally stored in a searchable library called Macromedia On Demand. So whenever you feel you would need to get to know a little more about the macromedia products launch Macromedia On Demand to get your daily brainwash.