Saturday, November 27, 2004

Söhne Mannheims

Usually I don't like German music too much. Especially German folk music (Schlager) gives me the creeps. But there are some exceptions to this general rule. One of them is the new album Zion by Söhne Mannheims (sons of mannem ;-). For all true fans of those guys please forgive me for not having done my homework on them. They pretty much live up as they have Xavier Naidoo amongst them, who is a true star on the sky of German music business.

The music they do is always a little orchestral, which I always like. But it's not only the music but also the lyrics. Always applying much needed social critisism, the lyrics ofter surrounded by christian or biblical themes. Still they manage to go to the top of the charts.

What it comes down to is sophisticated lyrics paired with some really impressive style. Currently this is probably the best, Germany has to offer musicwise as they understand to rock hearts and soul and also having a meaningful message.


Anonymous said...

Although I'd love to write something really philosophical here and sound impressive, I just wanted to say that I agree with you. They are a relatively new band from what I understand, but everything that I've heard so far has been quite good! I hope the boys keep up the good work! :) Happy listening!