Saturday, November 27, 2004 is a client sided rich client application framework, that uses petty much CrossBrowser JavaScript to do really impressive things. It aims to enable developers to code OS-style applications using just XML and deliver them via the browser.

You can use XML to layout your application, and use JavaScript to implement dynamic behaviour for components in their own component model. Components can be embedded pretty easily into existing web site. It's a truely exiting technology, and since x-browser support is available for Internet Explorer and Mozilla I guess the reach of products built with Bindows is pretty great, too.

Although Macromedia Flash can probably deliver better user experiences, Bindows is probably better suited to provide OS-type/styled applications through the web browser.

I have not played around with Bindows too much, but the examples I see in the AppLauncher a very promising. On the downside this is no open-source technology as you need to aquire licenses if you want to use this stuff in production with a commercial project.

I originally came to notice Bindows though the creators original DHTML-website, WebFX, which provides a lot of cross-browser (and also browser specific) widgets components that are written in XHTML and JavaScript. Nice things such a menus, sortable tables, tabbed browsing etc. are available for free here. Not quite as integrated as Bindows. But this stuff got me addicted to, when I used to be a web design script kiddie ;-)